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Photo of people listening to a speaker at Making Food FairPhoto of people listening to a speaker at Making Food Fair
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On Saturday 22nd November Rebecca spoke at the Kindling Trust’s second ‘Making Food Fair’ event in Manchester, UK. The event explored the food system that is letting down so many and asked, ‘how can we make food fair for everyone?’. One of the organisers, Helen Woodcock, wrote:

“We want Making Food Fair to be an honest exploration of what is wrong with, and who is fixing a food system that impacts on so many people. On the one hand we have farmers who can’t make a living, on the other families who can’t afford to eat healthily. The problem is often presented as a conflict between producers and consumers, but that’s not how it is when you look at the full picture. We think it’s time to come together to discuss and demand our right to a fairer more sustainable food system for all, and we are lucky to be joined by inspiring practitioners and experts who will help us look afresh at these complex issues and explore long term solutions to food poverty at both ends of the food supply chain”

Other speakers at the event included Pete Ritchie, Executive Director, Nourish Scotland, who’s talk, ‘If the farmer is poor, so is the whole country’, focused on the politics and economics of land, food and farming. Ben Reynolds, Deputy Co-ordinator, Sustain and Sustainable Food Cities spoke on ‘Tackling Food Poverty together – Lessons from London’s food access campaign’, and Niall Cooper, Director, Church Action on Poverty, discussed ‘Tackling Poverty Head On – practical approaches to confronting poverty in all its forms’. Small group discussions were organised to feed into the national Commission on Food and Poverty led by the Fabian Society.

You can read more about the Kindling Trust event on their website. Emily O’Brien, Project Manager, Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, has also blogged about the event. Slides of Rebecca’s talk, ‘An Unfair Food System – an overview of our food system and why it lets down so many’ can be downloaded here An Unfair food System’, The Kindling Trust, Manchester, 22.11.14 (PDF).

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