Families and Food in Austerity Britain: early findings

Photo: Rebecca O'ConnellPhoto: Rebecca O'Connell
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On Monday 27 March 2017, Dr Rebecca O’Connell will present early findings from the UK research for Families and Food in Hard Times at the Centre for Innovation and Research in Childhood and Youth, University of Sussex.

In the UK there is evidence that increasing numbers of people are unable to feed themselves and their families, but little systematic collection of data about the extent or characteristics of households experiencing food insecurity – or how experiences vary within families. Drawing on an international, mixed methods study of food in hard times that focuses on young people (11-15 yrs) and their families, Dr O’Connell reports secondary analysis of UK data (the Living Costs and Food Survey and Minimum Income Standard) that identifies an increasing proportion of lone parent and large families as being at risk of food poverty in Britain over time. Drawing on qualitative research, she will extrapolate patterns found in the quantitative data by describing three cases that exemplify some of the conditions under which families’ food budgets are constrained, how they manage and – focusing on young people – how experiences and practices vary within, as well as between, households.


Date: Monday 27 March 2017

Time: 5-6.30pm

Venue: University of Sussex, Fulton Building, room 202

Contact: Cécile Brémont c.bremont@ucl.ac.uk

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