About the study

We are living in difficult economic times. In many countries in Europe, food prices are high whilst incomes are stagnant or falling, creating major challenges for families to feed themselves.

Through our research we are learning from the experiences of young people, parents and families living in different places in order to find out what young people eat at home and elsewhere, what part food and eating play in their lives, how parents manage to provide food for their families in hard times, what makes it difficult and what helps. The study is taking place in Portugal, the UK and Norway.

The research includes a survey of parents with at least one child aged 11-15 years, interviews with a smaller group of young people and their parents, and with professionals and practitioners in each country. We are also carrying out statistical analysis of European and national large-scale datasets to look at the bigger picture.

The study is being managed by the Thomas Coram Research Unit (TCRU), UCL Institute of Education, University College London. TCRU is independent of any government departments and political parties and carries out a wide range of research projects with a focus on families, children and food. The international team includes researchers at the National Institute of Consumer Research, Norway and University of Lisbon, Portugal.